Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Apartment in Madrid

We didn't have a dryer so this is how we dried our laundry. We had to be careful not to drop any of our clothing while hanging it up. It was kind of a thrill! :)

Poor Tyler had to duck any time he went inside a room in our apartment. The ceiling was high enough for him, but the door ways were not made for tall men. Nothing in Europe was made for tall men. He bumped his head a lot during our trip!

This is the outside of our apartment building. We lived on the 5th floor and didn't have an elevator. We got in pretty good shape walking up and down all of those stairs everyday!

No, the kitchen is not larger than it appears. Having just two people in the kitchen at a time made it crowded. The kitchen also doubles as the laundry room. The washing machine is next to the fridge in this picture. I hope to never have a kitchen this small ever again!!

Here is our bathroom. It does not have two toilets, the other toilet looking thing is a  bidet. Good old Europe and their bidets!!

The living room was actually a good size with a nice big window. The thing to notice in this room is the exterior blinds. They are made of big strips of metal that when they are closed, block out all sunlight. All apartment buildings have blinds like these so that the residents can get a good nap during mediodia.  

But our favorite part of our apartment was definitely the bedroom. It was so small that we had to sleep in bunk beds! Some people ask us if our trip to Madrid was our honey moon because we had only been married a month when we arrived in Madrid. I don't think you can call sleeping on bunk beds much of a honey moon. It wasn't the most romantic, but we loved the experience. Who else can say that they spent the first few months of their marriage on bunk beds?! :) 


teestar990 said...

Hey Natalie,
We went to that park in Madrid when we were there as well! We also went on a little boat ride. It is great to see something a little familiar to me!

teestar990 said...

Oh, I just realized I replied on the wrong post, but you get what I'm talking about, right?