Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Here is Tyler standing in front of the Bowood Mansion. Wouldn't we all like to live in a place like this?!

For all of you who know Tyler, the library was his favorite room. He was in heaven!

Above we have the neatly manicured garden....

...and Natalie couldn't resist frolicking across the remarkably well kept lawn.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Ah... the famous English telephone booths! If you look closely you will see Tyler and I inside the booths. 

The picture above and the following pictures come from our punting trip through Cambridge. Punting is when you sit in a flat bottom boat with a guy that stands on the back and pushes you down a canal with a long pole. Our punting guide told us that the grassy area pictured above was used in the filming of Quiditch for the movie Harry Potter. 

The building and bridge seen above is an example of the many neat building and bridges we saw along the cambridge canal. The oldest building we saw on our tour was made in the 1400's. The newest was constructed in the 1800's. It gave us a whole new perspective of old!!

The bridge in this picture was one of our favorites because it was made by Sir Isaac Newton. It was originally made with just wooden beams that supported themselves perfectly. Our punter told us that today the bridge is supported by various nuts and bolts because supposedly some students took apart the bridge to see how it worked, and couldn't put it back together.