Monday, July 21, 2008


Here is the famous metro, or "the tube," as the English call it, sign. 

The view of the Westminster Abbey from the front. 

The Westminster Abbey from the side view. We don't have any pictures from the inside because we missed the visiting hours. After talking to a few people, we devised a plan to see the inside. We found out that they were having a prayer meeting later on that evening, so we went! It was an interesting experience. All we had to do was show up, say what we were supposed to say, kneel when everyone else kneeled, and sing the hymn at the end of the meeting. We loved it! Not everyone gets that experience when they go to London. 

Here we have the famous "Big Ben" along with a guard wearing a cool hat. 

Good ol' Buckingham Palace.

We were in London at the perfect time. All of the tulips in front of the palace were in bloom and gorgeous. The tulips were impressively large! 

Yes, we had the classic experience and we went to see Les Miserables. It was incredible!! 

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